Freezing when exporting to PS

I believe I have solved the problem on my end.

That’s great news! What did you do to get it to stop freezing?

I am embarrassed to admit I forgot to restart the system after my update.

I have to add Gigapixel is completely unreliable from with PS. Two out of three times when I launch it I get error messages it could not load and I should contact support. So, I launch it a third time and it works. I’ve gone through all the necessary steps to prevent this:

Uninstalled including Registry entries.
Updated Video Card

It just isn’t reliable.

Haha! Don’t be embarrassed.

Now, let’s have you reach out to Support ( with a screenshot of the error message and your system profile, please. This is where you’ll get more effective support.

Here is how to get your system profile on Windows.

When you reach out, please add the link to this forum post as well.

I have had extensive dealings with the superb support team and over the last two weeks we have exchanged 28 emails. They have the latest logs, the system profile, etc. The system profile revealed nothing of significance but the logs did and they are forwarding everything to the next level of support. Thanks;


I see! You’ve been talking with Justin, he’s fantastic.

Please keep me updated here too, once the conflict is resolved.

Agree about Justin. I will.