Framerate upscale issue

I recently updated to the new Video AI from the Video Enhance version. I’m using a dell xps 15 9510 with an nvidia 3050, and I’ve run into a problem that I never experienced with older versions.

Whenever I use Chronos or any of the other framerate interpolation models, I get either a distorted frame or scrambled images as the new frames. This is present on every other frame (I was interpolating a 30fps video to 60fps video).

Any help is appreciated.

That looks like hardware failing to me, but it somehow didn’t crash the whole laptop, so maybe not.
I personally don’t trust Dell to make a cooler that’s adequate; meaning your laptop is probably thermal throttling to stay under the heat limits. My Dell laptop from work does that most any time I tell it to do anything.
Try Apollo or Chronos Slomo with a slomo factor of x2. Output to images. Convert those images to a movie at 60 fps. Mix the audio and anything else like chapters or subtitles back in. You’ll need other tools for those other steps. If you get the same issues, try updating your 3050 drivers from the Nvidia website.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give that a shot and do some more troubleshooting. I have a desktop, and once I get a chance, I’ll make sure this issue isn’t repeated (can’t imagine it would be) on the PC.

I wonder if changing the windows graphics settings will make a difference (high performance vs auto).

For now, I’ll try what you suggested.

PS What I don’t get is why this what not an issue with the older version of the program on the same laptop. I could upscale framerate without a problem, and it actually was somewhat quicker (for short stuff) than my desktop (skylake and 1080TI)