Framerate conversion plus de-interlacing

I want to convert a 50i HD video to 23,976 progressive (don’t ask why :wink:
I’m tried all combinations of different parameters to tweak the result but ran out of options.
In the first seconds it looks good, however after a bit of time, mostly darker parts of the video get very ugly. I also tried it while the conversion out is 50p and 25p. all the same flaws.
What is the magic combination?

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Don’t you get audio out of sync after a while if you convert 25fps (50i) to 24fps?

Well, my goal is conversion with no change in lenght/speed
Otherwise I could export it as png sequence or something similar

I’ve been converting to PNG to go from 23.967 to 59.94FPS. If you do the math right, you should have no issues going the other way. Of course I use some other tool to convert the PNGs to a video and yet another tool to add the sound, chapters, and subtitles back in.

Wouldn’t dropping frames be the best way to go about this?

Well, missing the point here. I invested in this software to get around that. And to my feeling it can’t even do a “normal” de-interlace. Maybe it is something with the source file but in a random player it looks okay

Oh. For deinterlacing, I don’t like it. It adds fake details and makes movies look like paintings. All the deinterlacing models in TVAI do that. It’s not so bad when staying at the same resolution. Still there, but less noticeable.

If you want to do everything in TVAI, I suggest doing two passes. Pass one, deinterlace. Output to something near lossless. Pass two, do Chronos (Not Chronos Fast) to the lower frame rate. Output to, something lossy.

For output formats, TVAI has no ‘out-of-the-box’ good final format. I output to PNG because it’s basically lossless and I have to use another program anyway to get it into a final viewing format.

I wish TVAI was able to handle all aspects of the ultra complex world of digital video, but it is not. Maybe someday, but that’s years away.