Frame Number: 'Preserve Input' does not work when loaded from a Preset

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  • Do a Image sequence for part of a video, have settings create a new folder in a different folder than what initially shows up when you click export as.
  • Change to a different part of the video and edit crop.
  • Load in preset because it got unloaded when you edit crop
  • Do image sequence again, to the same place as earlier
  • When you do the second image sequence, the ‘preserve input’ is ignored and images will start at 0 and overwrite.
  • This issue does not occur if you save in the initial folder that pops up when you click export as, because the app will automatically rename it (this is also bad)
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    R7 5800X, RTX3080ti, 32GB RAM, nvme SSD.

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    I dont think this is relevant as you can recreate the issue. (368.5 KB)

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