Frame Interpolation overheats GPU

When generating new Frames, my GPU overheats to 115°, so my computer shuts down. But this only happens with frame interpolation. Enhancing videos with Proteus and so on is running ,fine" at 110° max. So atleast it wont shut down everything. GPU fan is running at max. Speed. Is there any workaround, like not letting Topaz video ai use 100% of the gpu power? I only find a slider for gpu memory, but not for utilization. It seems my GPU is just overworking itself or just not made for generating new frames. Its an RX 6600 XT.

You can use MSI Afterburner to put a limit on the system.

Is it the same when i reduce the clock speed in Radeon Software?

The Question is why does is overheat?

Bad Airflow or Housing?

115°C is extreme high for just a GPU core (caches are different), my W6800 did hit 114° too, but at its hotspot, core was 90°.

By the way, in the radeon software you can set a different fanspeed for a temperature limit.

115° at HOTSPOT is enough for it to shut down. Normal Temperature is 80 or so. While gaming its much lower.

I believe they are similar in some ways and control options. What you want is to put a limit on the GPU usage and the temp control which Afterburner will do.

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