Frame interpolation blur and duplicate frames

Looks like frame interpolation models realy need improvement.

  • Object geometry change
  • Blur
  • Wrong movement sometimes (like frame 1 2 3 4 5 3 6 7). Check OriginalDedup_apo8 folder. Its even more bad than duplicate frames because duplicate frame goes not right after its copy.
    Its when images source used. 2x interpolation. Maybe this bug only in image source.
  • Blocky interpolation

And compare to RIFE. RIFE can do 16 frames from 2! And all of them will be correct (only around fast moving object there will be not correct interpolation (but not so visible).

Link to files.

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Thank you, your feedback is appreciated. Model development is continuously being made.

Maybe RIFE is good at cartoons. From my testing though, it’s not nearly as good at normal videos as Apollo.
But yeah, the Duplicate Frames ‘Replace’ check has never worked as expected. The duplicate frames are taken into account when calculating motion.

I think a non-motion-blurred interpolation model for cartoons would be something widely useful for several users.

Well Apollo is good at “normal” videos (where movement is not fast). Where it fast blur occures and object proportions change. Its just in cartoons there is always fast movement from frame to frame.
Are you sure that duplicate frames are taken into account for calculating movement change? Its surely a bug then. First they need to be removed and then processed.
By the way - example here OriginalDedup_apo8 is done on source deduped by hand (so source does not contain dups and replace duplicate disabled in apollo). And result have wrong sequence of frames.

You can check out this comparison I made a bit ago where none of the models do as good as I want.

I tried your deduped frames and didn’t notice it going out of order—but I was paying more attention to the sheer amount of blur added.

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