Fractals - 4

My last attempt I think for a while - so as promised 4 fractals as textures into Painter 2018 - into PSP - into Adjust 5 into PSP
Title anyone???


Been enjoying your Fractal series. What program are you using for that BTW?

Title? I’d probably have to restock up on some pharmacuticals first to get inspired, but if that happens …

Yeah, I have been enjoying these too. I’m just wondering how unpredictable the results are and to what degree you are able to produce what you may be thinking about. Obviously, I have no idea how fractals are produced - but am now curious. Thanks in advance.

Name: Grock

Could be your impression of Roberta Flack.

This one is my favorite of the series…delicate look. Thanks for sharing these Terry.

For all things fractal, go to - swap parameters, display your examples, find free software - all aspects of the Fractal in one, neat site.

See my gallery over there…

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@Ma3rk @CabanaBoy @Laundromat @FlickColeman @Buckstop75 @Torcello Thanks guys for those kind comments
@Torcello has some brill suggestions there

as for my take on this

Sorry to be slightly negative but it’s not a specific fractal generator which provides the image. It’s more in technique and methodologies. My earlier images of a couple of years ago were bluntly quite brutal in their execution as I’d use large swathes of intense background hue and harsh chunks of fractal images. There are a copious quantity of fractal image generators out there and a legion of ready made images on which you can experiment.

My base technique is to find at least half a dozen fractal images which look as though they may provide lines and shapes and textures of interest. The mathematical functions which generate fractals are complex and 3D. To understand how they function is out of my pay grade. I am just about discovering by trial and error the parameters having the most influential effects on the pseudo solid structures. Add to this the colour gradient and then the sizing and saving and file types then you have a multi variable problem on your hands seemingly somewhat daunting. My solution is more simple. Play and find initially something that you like.

The next stage is the import of the images into Painter. You can use Photoshop or PaintShopPro or whatever. I generate a sympathetic base texture. Again I have an understanding of what I need but it took a while to play with the software to get what I felt was in keeping with the overall image direction. I have tried different base generation methods including trawling through those on the net.

I apply only parts of the fractal images to my base texture. The final construction is more composite than simply single layered. I use Painter because of the internal file type RIFF which I can see in Explorer. PSD cannot be read so easily. I use PaintShopPro to tweak and adjust since it reads RIFF allowing me to return to Painter with layers intact and readable for additional work. PaintShopPro gives me access too to plugins such as the Topaz and the like for further pixel pushing.

So get out there and EXPERIMENT

This looks a tad like the wispy, smoky creations of “Flame Painter”

True but is not