Fractals - 2

On a roll - so another fractal fancy
2 fractal images in a trip to Painter 2018 … then into PaintShopPro and Adjust 5 and back to PaintShopPro.

I call it “bottle and glass” ----- other names please ---- thanks


Decanter and red wine glass

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@Laundromat - yup sounds good - and so does the title

It says to me, to many martinis aftermath :grinning:

I prefer wine, but lookin good

@iDad - Martini or three who cares

@Ricci - ta muchly


Reason I say martini is because it looks like a martini glass on the left then it looks like a = in the center to the right an accident some sort LOL

Never knew my imagination so wacky LOL

@iDad -??? !!! Ok - as you wish

I promise, no straitjacket needed here, bifocals maybe LOL

Just remembered a little humour - was it two Martinis or twi Martunis?

Very cool!

@Torcello - I thought so too - shades of G&T or similar on the new patio in the summer (next week isn’t it? - then that’s termination until next year)