Founder's Award Winner

Another top award winner at this year’s Elegance at Hershey… A stunning black Duesenberg J/SJ Convertible.


Great treatment and presentation …

What a beauty and great treatment.

Nice result …

@BobKramer, @Michigamder, @AiDon…Thank you for your kind words. Black is tough…especially on a crowded show field.

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Nice work and results… I know what you mean with dealing with car images on a crowed show field. … not an easy task to produce such nice results… well done.

I’m sure it Is no secret, but standing in the same place and taking photos as spectators move about enables me to stitch together the parts I need for a starting subject. The problem is the paint is so shiny you can see evertything, including many things that have to be removed.

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Beautiful work! I think I want one…

Thank you. There are so many beautiful automobiles, but nothing stops me in my tracks as consistently as a Duesey. The owner of this one also owns the Mormon Meteor, my favorite of all time.

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