Found this in my garage - good job it had been very cold

A 25 image focus stack
Adjust 5


Great find and capture …

Nice image and details… lucky for you it was vacant.

Super detail Terry. Glad the occupants moved on.

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Great detail! A home is not a home with nobody there. Lucky for you!

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better than finding it in your house :slight_smile: … nice capture

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Nice capture, a little waspish …

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thanks for looking and commenting @RatRodStudios @cre8art @Kathy_9 @Michigander @ShazzyCo @AiDon.

Beautiful object - just a little scary - although my pest control technician (daughter) was a little disappointed that the critters had moved on / perished


Marvelous close-up.

Thanks Larry
I’m determined to master close-up/macro with all of its idiosyncrasies and probelms

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