Format Changed on Discussion Boards 6/20/20


Could someone at Topaz check to see if something changed at your end re: formatting of the Discussion Board headers.

I use an Android Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 tablet.

Just starting midday today the headers that let us select Discussion categories, Unread, Latest, etc have all shoved from the far left to far right of the screen and the ‘Latest’ header is now directly under the ‘+’ symbol. It is impossible to tap on Latest to show latest posts. Tapping there only allows a create new topic now.

I have done no app or OS updates to my tablet in weeks. I closed all open apps. And, I re-started my tablet. Nothing helped. I rely on reading posts, at least initially, on my tablet. Could you pls check to see if something changed at Topaz/servers that might have instigated an undesirable format change… Thx!


Thank you for your feedback.

We are currently working on fixing these issues.

You can change the theme to the old one by going to your profile settings. From there you can select “Interface” and change it to “Light Theme” or “Dark Theme”

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I didn’t change any settings on my tablet or on my Topaz acct, but this am (I just woke up!) the formatting is left justified again. Though now it wraps to 2 lines & b4 was single line. And, there is only Latest and All headers and no Unread. Unread is missing.



We have changed the default layout for the community forum. The new theme has some styling issues and we are currently working on fixing them. That’s why we provide the user with an option to revert back to the old one, if it’s more convenient this way.

Thank you for your patience.

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I appreciate your notes! Thx.

It’s very Microsoft-ian to fix something that “ain’t broke”…

Great to know I can change the style pref if desired.

Happy Father’s Day!

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