Forcing Enhance 4x

Every photo I open is forced into enhance photo 4x since update 1.4.0. I’m shooting with Canon 90Ds with no issues prior to the latest update. Pics are tac sharp out of camera and have been using TPAI to enhance (love your product!). Not sure why the Auto AI thinks every one of my grabs needs a 4X enhance. Additionally if I use TPAI as a stand alone it processes way…way faster than using as a Photoshop plugin. Using the following graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

You can set auto preferences to scaling none (at least could in 1.3.x not sure if prefs UI has changed for 1.4.x) . Auto deciding on scaling is not something they could possibly know as it is more to do with your target application requirements than the input photo. It just defaults to 4x as that is the sweet spot middle of the enlargements it does well at that it has been trained for.


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