Flowers on the Walls of Tintern Abbey

I believe that these are red valerian (Centranthus ruber), but if I am wrong, please correct me because I am not that good at identifying flowers!

Topaz Studio Impression


And I did not like how the BW turned out since I wanted the red of the flowers, so I used three different AI Remixes and blended them together because YOLO…


Like the first … don’t know what the flowers are :slight_smile:

Nice capture with the original and I really like the your results with using Impression.
The ReMix experiment was interesting, but I like the results to the rocks the most.
Maybe mask in the Original or the Impression sky, flowers & grassy area results with the ReMix rocks and see what you get?

Impression and original for me. Nice work

Thank you very much for your very nice comments, @AiDon, @cre8art, and @Laundromat, I appreciate them very much.

I like your ideas, John and I will try them later, too…

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