Flicker Reduction

Currently under the stabilization menu - we have the option “Reduce Jitter Motions” which as the name indicates is for - Correct for parallax motion or tilting motion.

Not sure if it is intended or not - but this creates nothing short of magic where -

  1. Reduces most if not all mosquitoes, dirt, tears, scratches
  2. Removes almost all of the luma flicker i.e. sudden dimming and lighting of a scene

When applied to a scene which does not have parallax motion or tilting motion, this fixes the above issues but also blurs scenes which hands, feet or other actions are blurred.

Assuming we can limit some of the implementation or based on the same principle - create options under revival or restoration - 1) remove dirt 2) luma correction which does not impact (noticeably) motions or actions in the scene.