Flame-Haired Girl - CC0 from Unsplash

(Jack) #1

Topaz Studio Digital Matting and Frame.

“Flame-Haired Girl at Dreamscope”


“Dreamscope Beauty” CC0 Unsplash - click to see un-amputated version!


(Don) #2

Fabulous work Mr Jack …

(Jack) #3

Thanks for the compliments Don!

I’m not sure I like how Landscape pictures are being “chopped” - apparently it suits phone-users of the Forum better?! :smiley:

(Don) #4

No, not so we had this problem before and it has now been reported … just a hiccup like the mail. :slight_smile:

(fvanderb) #5

Interestingly, I read this forum using a Feedreader and the landscape images are displayed fully when viewed from the feedreader. When I click on the link to bring me to the forum, the landscape images are chopped.

And the images are wonderful by the way!

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(Jack) #6

Thank you FVANDERB

(Rob) #7

Very nice work!

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(Peter) #8

Love 'em!