Flamboyant red

In the Montreal region, this year is exceptional in terms of climate. I do not want to enter a debate. But these are general observations from meteorologists, friends and myself … Autumn seems really late and the temperature is relatively warm compared to normality. In addition, the colors of the trees seem less accentuated than normal. For example, there are fewer red or brown deciduous trees. Many are yellow. The photo I propose is from an orchard in the Oka area west of Laval - Montreal. This photo is a really personal representation of this tree with red leaves that I managed to find in this orchard. Thanks for watching, your comments, suggestions, etc.
PS: sorry again for my so-so English because i am a french quebecois guy.


Pretty image. Good work on the exposure with the sun in the frame.

No need to apologize. I think your English is quite good, and I’m sure many other folks here agree.

We’re glad you’re sharing your images and enthusiasm of photography with us. That’s what’s important.

Best regards

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Thank you !