Fixing the problem with PC shutdown and low FPS, but breaking other functions

I had numerous problems with low FPS (Max. 2 fps) and in several conversions to 1080p and 4K my PC would shut down during the procedure reaching temperatures above 80ºC.

After replacing my old card (AMD RX 590) with a newer one (RX 6700 XT) I still had low FPS problems (2 fps). I found a thread here that said to delete the registry keys inside the Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Topaz Labs LLC folder

Well I did that and miraculously from 2 fps my conversions went to 11 fps with the video card not even reaching 60ºC anymore.

The problem is that when deleting the registry keys folder I tried to use AI Iris and the output video was only rendered at the beginning, getting a black screen afterwards. I was able to convert the full video using Proteus, but when importing the video and trying to export it as mp4, it says
"Error: Audio stream #2 contains ‘pcm_s16be’ audio wich can’t be used with ‘.mp4’ container. Select an alternate Container to copy audio, or change Audio Mode to ‘Convert’ (this may cause loss in audio quality). So I used .mkv and everything works fine.

Well I think deleting the registry keys infinitely improved my fps, cooled my video card by over 20ºC and I’m not experiencing PC shutdowns anymore. However it broke other functionality, anyway if some developer can help me and tell me what I can and can’t delete from the registry keys… I think it would be the perfect solution to many people’s problem.

DxDiag.txt (96.6 KB)

Hey there, this message is a normal audio message. You need to choose a different container (like mkv) or use convert which will convert the audio stream to a compatible steam.

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mp4 cannot contain PCM audio tack (mp4 limitations, not Topaz).
only AVI, MKV or MOV can contain PCM audio.
Your video probably contains PCM audio track and you selected “copy” and export it as mp4 or you decided to transcode (“convert”) to PCM into mp4 file/container.
Either select MKV/MOV to export as or if you want to keep it on MP3, convert to AAC or something else.


Where did you found that?

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This solution worked for me. I performed about 3, 4 conversions… I managed to reach 11, 10 fps. Now, I don’t know why I’m already at 6 or 7 fps. There is some problem with this software. I formatted my PC, reinstalled the drivers… everything is reset and I get good performance. After using the software a few times, the fps drops to an unsustainable 3 fps.

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