First Gigapixel try

I have decided to add Gigapixel AI to my portfolio of Topaz products. Attached is the first image I enlarged (2x). A panorama shot. I also applied AI Clear in addition and I have to say so far nice result.The attached is reduced in size because of limits uploading images here.


Smooth as butter. ISO ?

Beautiful work, Peter.

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Classic blue haze suites perfectly on that

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Thanks Douglas!
ISO 200, 1/500s, f/18, 165mm

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Thanks! - Got anything up around ISO 1000 - 1600?

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why, do you expect noise?

Hi, here is an example ISO 1600, 1/60s, f/4, 24mm
I reduced the original to 1280 x 853px. Used Gigapixel and some noise reduction within Gigapixel. Then I ran the image through AI Clear. Result 5120 x 3412 and not a bad result in my eyes. Final image was 11.7MB so I can only show a smaller version here.

Original (1280 x 853)


This is so stunning. Love the balance between the misty soft tones and the contrast!

Impressive. I shoot a lot of High ISO and, so far, have been using Topaz Plug DeNoise to smooth things out and then sharpen with Detail. Your new work flow is appears to me to be a clear improvement. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks Hillary, glad you like the image

Douglas, honestly for me AI Clear is one of the best filters Topaz has brought to market lately. I use it almost on all images.

Wonderful photo. Very nice details and exposure. I also like the discussion about that and the city photo.

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