Had a lot of fun with this image. I liked the flower shapes but was a bit unhappy with the realistic photo. Impression helped me spice this up. I also did a bunch of dodging and burning in Photoshop to add some depth and dimension to the flowers. To get the background I added a texture in Topaz Studio before the Impression conversion.


Hi David,

I like the rich, red-green color palette and the contrast it offers. Good work on the dodge-and-burn; I think you were successful in getting nice depth in the image. Also like how the background turned out.

Best regards


Beautiful job David, I like this a lot !

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Really love the flowers …not sure I’m crazy about the circles in the background.

I completely agree with @ScottO . This is an excellent result!

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Great job on the flowers and I really like the background, too - very creative!

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I like the strong vivid colors! Great background treatment!

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