Filled my HD and crashed my Mac M1

I love your app, but the latest version just screwed me by filling my laptop HD with models and cache files that left 14k on my drive. Now I can’t boot and need to wipe my entire Mac and start over.

So, you might want to figure out a better warning or space check system than the current “none” because this sucks.

Hmm, Topaz needs about 7GB SDD space here with quite some models loaded.

Do you really use ALL those models and/or have that few free disk-capacity?

P.S. did you try booting in safe mode?

Apparently my Mac was low on space and the downloaded models and processing cache files pushed it down to only 14k so it couldn’t log in or boot into safe mode. I never got a warning, but I don’t really blame you guys. The fix would have been using Target Disk mode to delete some old downloads (or the Video AI app that seemed to grow to 20 GB when I check it in Target Disk mode) but the Mac OS Sonoma made Target Disk mode READ only so I couldn’t delete anything and they said I had to wipe it and start over.

Probably nothing you can do, but I thought I’d pass it on if it helped anyone else.Z

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