"Files not supported or file damaged" error message in LRC since last update

Since the latest update to Topaz Photo AI, I’m having issues. When I select photos to be enhanced and send them to Topaz everything seems to work as supposed to. But when they complete and reload back in Adobe LRC, they are getting tagged with the message “File type not supported or file damaged” and they have a little black exclamation mark in the corner. When I hover on the exclamation mark, it says file is missing information and adjustments cannot be made.

I’ve never had this happen before and I’ve been a user for about a year now. Using MacBook Pro 16, M1 Max, 32GB.

Any suggestions? TYIA

Please reset your plugin by closing LR fully and rerunning the Photo AI installer. You can download a new installer from the downloads page directly. https://topazlabs.com/downloads/

Also, make sure you’re not trying to access files from a cloud location and that the files are from your computer.

I am having the same problem. Rerunning the Photo AI Installer has not solved the problem. This problem occurred spontaneously. I had been using Topaz AI previously without any difficulty. Now it won’t save properly.

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I have the same problem but only with images with the monochrome profile. See my massage in the “bugs and issues” section 3 days ago.