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All my raw files are converted to DNG in Lightroom for consistency and smaller file sizes. I made a copy of a dng when sending to Photo Ai, but on returning to lightroom I noticed the file size is 4x larger. This removes one of the main purposes of using DNG files. All I did was remove some minor noise. In this state it’s unusable

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Launch Photo AI plugin from within Lightroom Classic 13.0.1
  2. Photo AI removes small amount of noise, then image sent back to LRC
  3. Check file in folder and file size is 4 times larger than it was. This is a major issue.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.1.2] on [iMac M3]

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 15.48.58

Answer from Topaz:

" Thanks for reaching out.

The DNG output file size is expected behavior. The original RAW file is likely compressed while our DNG export is full size and uncompressed so the output file is larger.

We do not have access to a DNG compression algorithm as that is proprietary to Adobe. If you need to decrease the DNG file size, use Adobe DNG Converter to compress the DNG file to a smaller size.


Tim He
Product Specialist
Topaz Labs"

Don’t post multiple copies of the same topic.

Have you tried using PAI as a plugin filter in LR, on a layer?

I don’t think my images are getting x4 the size just by doing DeNoise, when I get my computer I will check.

If you do it in LR then you can flatten layers and save as dng file?

Size does not really matter to me, although 1gb files are a bit slow to work with. Memory is cheap now.

Do you mean photoshop?

He probably does, has no idea about LR.

Note that there is compression available in Photo AI for DNGs … but only as a standalone. A DNG will always be overwritten when used in plugin mode as you are doing.

I’m not sure when you received that reply from support but ask if they will apply compression to DNGs used in plugin mode as well as standalone.

They said they’ll try and develop something in the future

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Sorry I don’t use Lightroom. Thought it had layers.

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