File Sizes DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI

I have noticed and DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI significantly increase a JPG file’s size.

For example, if i take a Nikon raw file (NEW) from a D850, the native size is about 53mb. If I process it in ACR and export it as a JPG with no size reduction and at the highest quality, it will be 30mb or so. Running it through either DeNoise AI to Sharpen AI will increase the size to 53-57mb when saved back to the JPG. I can then take the extra step of running the image through Photoshop or OnONe Resize, and the image reduces to 33-35mb with no visible loss of image quality.

I have had files processed through Luminar come out as big as 95MB after processing through Sharpen AI. Luminar does not seem to do a good job of compressing JPG, either.

Can this be addressed? It can be a problem when going over the limits of some file sharing sites.

Part of the Save As dialog is a quality slider that let’s you tune the amount of jpg compression being applied. This provides you with some amount of control over the resulting file size. (at the cost of image fidelity)

That doesn’t explain why 100% quality in PS or OnOne results in a much smaller file than 100% quality in Topaz.