File Size indicator is broken in 7.0.3 (doesn't update without workaround)

I came from 7.0.0. into 7.0.3. EDIT: I’ve just downgraded to 7.0.2 and the File Size indicator is working fine in that release so it’s only broken in 7.0.3

In 7.0.3. the ‘File Size’ indicator does not auto-update after changing a parameter such as the scaling amount. I’m working with TIF files and I like the files to hit a certain threshold so that indicator was a great addition to 7 over 6. I can type in say ‘1.5x’ and instantly ‘see’ the file size the upscale will produce except now I can’t.

The workaround (to get it to report the new file size after changing the scaling amount) is to hit the ‘crop’ button then cancel out. Then the file size reports the correct file size for the scaling amount.

Please fix this. 7 is slow enough in processing as it is without an extra step in the preparation stage.


Wow! Good catch. I will be sure to add this for my team to resolve hopefully in the next update.

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Similar problem here. I prefer a zoom of 100%, but the program opens any file to fit the screen. That is totally counterproductive to me. Furthermore none of the “view shortcuts” works. No function at all, they’re dead. Version 7.0.2 worked fine, but this looks buggy to me.

Please fix this. Many thanks in advance!

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I have already added in our system for our team to review for the next update. Thanks!

Simmy is this now fixed in 7.0.4? I can’t see it mentioned in the changelog and I don’t want to upgrade from 7.0.2. if it isn’t (as adjusting for file-size is integral to my workflow)


Sadly, this was not resolved for the 7.0.4 release. We have figured out what causes this and have resolved it but a fix wasn’t ready in time for this patch.

This fix is supposed to be implemented in the next big update, which should be 7.1.0.

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