File Size increase on export after updating to topaz video 5.0 UI

Hello guys ever since updating to new topaz video UI 5.0 the file size on export has considerably been increased

  1. The bug / behavior you have encountered
    previously a 24mbps file of 15 seconds in HD in h.264 mp4 format in proteus enhance MQ without any upscaling yields a file size of only 70MB now its raised to 300MB which is a considerable increase.

  2. Your system profile
    M1 MacBook Air 16GB running MACos Sonoma 14.0

Kindly check the issue on why file size is increasing as I primarily upload to Instagram wherein the file size is crucial in maintaining quality


Vaishakh (230.8 KB)

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Are you just seeing this increase when using H264 for the export? If you use H265 does it drastically increase as well?

Some of the file size bloat is due to the addition of the Pause/Resume feature and how the files are written now.

Same is the case with h265, ever since new UI 5.0 came out

I believe topaz support can test for themselves with the same export settings with topaz 4.0 and 5.0, the size of the file is considerably increased for no reason I also find the quality to be same.

Please don’t ruin what was already working well, please revert back the file size problem there is no way 15 second h264 or h265 hd file size to be 300MB it’s ridiculous