File Saving Options in DeNoise SA?

Hi, I am trying to save my image/s via the Save Image As option in the stand alone version of DeNoise AI, There are two options that I want to use (1) Preserve Source Format, I assume this is supposed to save the image as per the format used during input (2) DNG, on occasions. When I select the first image option of Source Image I am getting a DNG saved yet I used a RAW image so should it not save as a RAW image?. I am saving into a separate folder not importing into other software. Thanks for any advice, Russ.

No. It’s simply not possible for any third party app to save in a proprietary raw format, so you get a DNG which is the closest you can get.

Hi, Thank you for your reply but have to ask if the software cannot save the image as the Preserve Source Format in my case a RAW file why also include the the option to save as DNG? Little confused on that.
Thanks again, Russ.

Because you can open a JPG, TIFF etc. and then save it out as a DNG if you so wish.


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