File processed with Photo AI isn't added to the LrC catalog

When I export a photo from LrC to Photo AI via the LrC menu, process the file in Photo AI and save it to the original folder, the file isn’t added to the LrC catalog. It doesn’t appear in LcR. I have to manually sync the LrC-Folder to make the file appear in LrC. As a result, I have three files: the original file, the copy, which is created, when the plugin is invoked, and the processed file. That’s a bit annoying and no good workflow.

It seems, that the integration Photo AI ← → LrC has gone wrong…

Interesting: The “Save-button” in Photo AI is labelled with “Save Image”. On my friend’s notebook (same MacBook Pro, same Versions of LrC and Photo AI), this button is labelled with “Save to Lightroom”.
I deleted Photo AI and reinstalled it again, but with no effect.

Topaz Photo AI 2.2.2 on Mac (MacBook Pro M1, Sonoma 14.2.1), LrC 13.1

Are using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI workflow, make sure that you are not using the option I have crossed out above the line. Can you confirm that you are using the one that the arrow is pointing at, and not the one that is crossed out?


Let me know if that changes the behavior. You should see that the save button on the bottom right says Save to Adobe Lightroom Classic if you are using the right plugin:


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Hi John,
thanks for your advice. It works now correctly with Version 2.3.0.

I uninstalled all the Topaz software, and I also cleaned up the Adobe-folders with Topaz templates etc. I guess there were some remains from older versions of Topaz software. Then I restarted my Mac and installed only Photo AI.

Now, when I process a file in Topaz and save it, it is correctly added to the LrC catalog. The button on the bottom right says “Save to Adobe Lightroom Classic”.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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