File output /directory name issues?

Hi. Stupid question here.
How do I change the file output name? For instance when exporting TIFF sequences?
Also I have a strange issue when selecting an output dir, the files don’t get exported there, but rather to the parent folder with a (underscore)_name of the selected one. So bizarre.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Windows 10 here. Nothing fancy :>
Thanks in advance for some advice on the matter.

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It would be very inconvenient to name the output image files anything other than the numbers they are given by default. Both VEAI and other programs know to load all the image files in order when they’re named like that.
You can change the folder name in Preferences / Save Options. Yeah I’m not seeing any option to change the base name, but you can put what ever prefix or suffix you want in there.

What I was trying to say, is that a name like foo_XXXXXX.tiff would be ideal, since it’s pretty much an industry standard for naming of image sequences. When dealing with many sequences, having them all named xxxxxx.tiff (xxxxx as in 00002) is very confusing. Unless of course there’s something I’m doing wrong. In AE or any other software there’s a popup window with an option to save a file, put a name and choose a file format. Here you can only choose a folder and even that is ignored as I’ve mentioned earlier.

I’ve been using bat files to recompile images back into movies. It’s a whole lot easier to do that with the names being pure numbers.
Honestly I find it unfathomable that anyone would want to put more images in the same folder as the images form another movie clip—and still want to tell them apart. I would only ever treat the folder as the video clip.

But, all is not lost. You can always use IrfanView’s batch conversion/rename tool to name any number of image files to the format you described.
In fact, I have used it to rename the images in a clip that I wanted to append onto another clip. It is able to start the renaming numbering sequence at whatever you set it to. It was fun, but if you’re looking to join clips, use something that’s made to do that.

VEAI makes it really easy chop one source into several clips, but it does not give any option to join several clips into one final file.

I don’t want to put sequences into one folder.
You’re an IT guy, right? Because i can feel it. Using batch files and opensource software… Makes sense. I, on the other hand have 15 years of vfx and film industry experience, and believe me, when you’re editing hundreds of sequences, you want to name them properly. In any editing package you need names to organize bins and so on. Try using Davinci Resolve with sequences all having the same name, good luck. In EDL you have names of the files, not the folders. It’s counter intuitive. literally, over the course my entire film carriere I have never seen anyone naming their sequences just with frame numerals. I don’t want to use batch scripts or commandlines or any of these, i don’t have time for that. I want to quickly load files to nle or media encoder and gererate preview files or proxies that already have the appropriate name. You have your way of doing things, I get it. You want pure numbers? Cool. Can I have my way too? Industry standards are just different. I don’t quiete understand some weird gui choices, because the film crowd is used to something more predictable.
And who is the software meant for if not industry professionals? Apart from some IT guys upscaling their fav shows;)

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Btw having to change prefix and suffix, or output directory per session, makes no sense. Maybe if it was possible to save the session, but having to set it up every time? Damn. Although thanks for telling me they exist, because I would never find something like this in ‘options’. These settonga should be where you choose the file format and specific to the currently selected file. And why on earth is there a clockable path selection, if it’s overriten by some setting from options. That’s just bonkers, sorry.

DaVinci Resolve right?
I’ve never used it before.
Since they let me download and use it for free, I tried it out.
You are right that they display the clip like [000000 - 023311]. I can see how that would be hard to keep track of in no time at all. Good thing they let you change that.

In the media tab, you can select the folder with the image sequence.
Use the ellipsis to select frame display mode and change it to sequence.
Once you’ve added it to your media pool, you can rename it.

I’m just a lazy programmer that wants to find the easy way out of everything.

I’m lazy, hence the post :slight_smile: I don’t have time to rename stuff constantly. I wan’t to change it once, and be done with it. Hopefully Topaz adds some extra functionality in the future.
Thanks for your input:)

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Btw I highly recommend Davinci for any video and audio tasks. It’s fast, robust and industry proven. Ah and free with some minor limitations (AI noise reduction missing in free version? - sth like that)
I ditched Adobe Premiere and never looked back.
Best regards


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I’ll keep it around to see what magic it can work on my old VHS family videos. It’s missing mkv container output. Weirdly, it can output to H265 format, but it can’t open any that I already have. For sound, I only saw AAC format. I suppose a free tool that can do anything in AC3 or DTS is too unrealistic.

Anyway, back to the main topic!
Yes. VEAI should add the ability to name things better. It shouldn’t be that hard to do for them.

Now things have changed in TVAI. They know they need to change how it’s naming the output, but we don’t know when nor how that will be.

I’m confused and seem to be missing something. What’s wrong with having a folder named what you want and the files within just number sequences? That is the easiest way to do things. Seems like a big oversight on any other software to go the extra length to not program things that way. Again, this is just me being lazy.

Once TVAI gets the rough spots worked out of it, you should be able to use a lossless format and have total control of the naming. Technically you can do that right now with the CLI, but that’s a lot of extra work.