File opening error, Topaz reports malformed filename

I am working on a batch of images all captured in a single session. Some images do not cause a problem, but others do not open in Topaz Photo AI with this error message:

cannot open P5280006.ORF
ImageInput::create() called with malformed filename

I am working on a MacBook Pro 2017/macOS 12.6. Topaz is v 1.3.6

These images open fine in Preview and in Lightroom on the same machine.

For one batch of three images I opened in Lightroom, did some light processing and exported as tif. These exported tifs also failed to open in Topaz, with the same error.

A log file attached for failure to open a ORF file:

2023-05-28-09-54-53.tzlog (12.4 KB)

Thanks for attaching the log file. Please remove the “?” character from the file path as this character will prevent Topaz Photo AI from opening the file.

For example, this is the file path that is in the logs:
/Users/alanboyd/Desktop/2023-05-28 moths/macro/side view stack?/P5280008.tif

Removing the “?” will let you open the files as expected.

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