File Naming

I just added Topaz Gigapixel to my bundle. I saw in a tutorial video that file names would have a gigapixel suffix, but they seem to still be labeled tiff when returned to LR. Can that be changed?

Hi, the suffix is not the same as the filename extension (eg tiff, jpg etc).

The suffix is added to the filename (ie the part before the dot).

eg along the lines of: your-file-name_suffix-tag.file-extension

where suffix-tag typically has a default string or it can be changed in the Preferences section.


Your original filename is your-file.tiff

After processing with Gigapixel it will be something like: your-file_gigapixel.tiff

BTW, typically you do NOT want to change the filename extension (eg tiff) because that is how some OSes (eg MS-Windows) maps the filename to the associated app. If you change the filename extension you disconnect the association for that file (not a good thing).


Thank you very much for clarifying. When I was using the trial version it was working. Now that I’ve purchased the full version it takes forever to process and my computer crashes before it finishes. The file name does not include gigapixel when I reboot.