File naming when working from image sequences

When importing an image sequence the resulting video should be named after the file name of the image sequence.
Currently the resulting video is named after the folder the image sequence is contained in. This doesn’t really work, the output naming should follow the naming of the source files.

Use ‘Export As’ instead.
The presumption is that the images are named with only numbers and the folder is the unique identifying name. Every other naming pattern gets more complex to account for when programming.

Export As is not great when doing very large numbers of image sequences.

I think the presumption is wrong, the files are more likely to be named correctly than the enclosing folder. Especially in a situation where multiple sequences are enclosed in a single folder, this happens for example in Warp Fusion, where multiple alternative renders are sent to the same folder. The folder is just named “Flow”.

Maybe we could have an option in preferences to use the enclosing folder name.

But by default, the output file should be named the same as the source file.

Like I said, Warp Fusion falls under one of those programs that made things more complicated to account for.
Here are the cold facts:
TVAI is using ffmpeg which did not bother to take the time to account for that kind of extra complexity (In it’s 20 plus years of development).

Considering how ideas like pause and resume have the most votes, and it’s been more than a year without seeing them added—It could be more than five years before this idea gets any attention.

I recommend creating a script in the meantime.