File is created as 300 DPI in Gigapixel, but ends up being 72 or 96 DPI upon download

I purchased Gigapixel V7 today and I have been trying to download images in 300 dpi, but they end up being 72 or 96 DPI upon download. What is the bug fix for this? And how do I get around this issue? I clearly purchased the product for high resolution images…Looking forward to a reply Topaz.


The dpi do not refer to the image, they refer to the output device: your printer. The dpi are more a measurement to work with to get it printed right. The image itself has a fixed size of pixels wide and tall.

Example: You want to tell the distance from home to the workplace. You would say maybe 50 miles. You would not say 50 “miles per hour” because “per hour” refers to the speed driven, not to the distance.


In the panel I indicate 10 inches height and 200 px/in… nothing works.
Where can I see that the result is what I ask. IN Adobe Bridge and Photoshop it is 1600 x 2000 pixels and 72 ppp. If I print it it will be 22,2 x 27,7 inches and not 8x10 like I ask.
Giga 6.3.3 was ok"
A solution please !

I just want to provide our official guide to this issue:

To change PPI to your image:

  1. Go to Resize Mode > Select Width or Height

  2. Click on drop down arrow to change the unit of measurement from “PX” (pixels) to “IN” (inches) or “CM” (centimeters)

  3. The Pixels per Unit will appear.

  4. Type in your Pixels per Unit first.

  5. Then go back and type your desired Output Width/Height.

Please let me know if the conflict persists.

Thank you I will attempt this

You must tell the printing application to print in the desired dpi or - easier - just ignore the dpi and just tell the printing application the exact size in inches you want it to be on paper. The application will caclulate how to bring your image to the right size no matter how much pixels wide and tall it is!

I did that in the past. But I had a tool Giga 6.3.3 that was be able to determine the image size and the resolution( pixel/inche) and with Giga 7 the upgrade ($) the resolution don’t work. So I uninstall 7 and install again 6.3.3. It Work fine.
So correct it for the next update, I feel that I paid for nothing.
Topaz photo 2,3,0 has the same problem.

Did you compare the size of the image in pixels wide and tall after processing with both versions of Gigapixel and were they different?

yes same situation, I set them as 300dpi but when I download it is in 72dpi.

THE IMAGE HAS NO DPI. it has only pixels … you can save even the most stupid information with the image. even those that have nothing to do with the image. for example: the weaver. store “sunshine” with the image. the next guy will complain it was raining when opening the image by not realizing that the stored weather does not refer to the image but to the weather conditions where its ideally be looked at. of course you can open the image during rain also but it will not live up to your expectations and lead to major confusion if there was stored “sunshine” to the image …

Thank you for the information about image metadata and DPI. I understand your point about the flexibility of metadata and how it can sometimes be misleading or unrelated to the image content. However, for my specific requirement, the focus is on the DPI (dots per inch) setting of the final image, rather than the metadata.

I need the Gigapixel end product to be set at 300 DPI. This is crucial for my intended use. DPI is a critical factor in this case because it determines the print quality and how the image appears in its physical form. I appreciate your input and assistance in ensuring the image meets this technical specification.

I know what you mean. You must scalethe image to a certain number of pixels wide and tall to get it printed to the correct size at a certain dpi with the printer. My next question is: was the export size in Pixels (not the meta data) different in the old and the new Gigapixel version? That could explain why one of those ended up with the wrong size on paper even though you printed with the desired dpi!

Thank you for this. To provide more context, I currently have access only to the latest version of Gigapixel, version 7, and am not familiar with the functionalities of the older versions. My main goal is to ensure that the images I deliver to my client meet specific resolution standards.

I need the images to be at least 4000 pixels in their longest dimension and to have a resolution setting of 300 DPI. However, I’ve noticed an issue with Gigapixel 7 where the images, after processing, are exported at a resolution of 72 DPI, even though their pixel dimensions are as required.

Is there a feature or a setting within Gigapixel 7 that allows for adjusting or setting the output resolution to 300 DPI while also achieving the desired pixel dimensions? Any guidance on how to accomplish this within the software would be greatly helpful, as it is critical for maintaining the quality of the final product delivered to my client.

I promise that the exported image perfectly matches your needs if the pixel size wide and tall is what was recommended by your client. In this case only the included meta data is missleading, but this should not affect the quality of the final output and should be handled by your client as usual. The meta data stored within the image is more of a theoretical interest here because the image is as large as it has to be to be delivered to your client. :blush:

Your guidance has been very helpful, and I appreciate your time in addressing these concerns. :blush: Thank you!

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Imo, when you enter in Giga 7 that you want 300 pixels/inch or ppi, you agree to have 300 pixels/inch after saving the image which was clearly reflected in the Adobe Bridge information. The problem is that we still see 72 ppi. Giga version 6.3.3 does this very well. An upgrade $ should do the job better and not worse.

Cecile, do you solve your problem ?

Yes, the dimension 2000 x2000 pixesl is the same but the result is 72 ppi for Giga 7 versus 200 ppi for giga 6.3.3. The 6.3.3 version respect what the 200 ppi I asked, ie, 10 x 10 inches and 200 ppi but not the 7 version. The image attached is eloquent.
N.B. The problem is exactly the same with tp2.3.0.

My official problem is : I did exactly like you wrote and the result is 72 ppi et not 200 as I specified with giga 7 and TP2.3.0. I uninstal 7 for 6.3.3 and no problem so the problem is your ugrade 7 and update 2.3.0
I included images with differents post but no solution yet.

ppi refer to your monitor. dpi refer to your printer. the image has only pixels. it is x pixels wide and y pixels tall. it GETS pixels/dots per inch AFTER displaying/printing. Before it only has pixels/dots.

You can easy calculate the pixels/dots per inch manually. For example: your image is 6000 PIXELS wide and shown 4 Inch long on screen/paper. This is the formula:

length in PIXELS devided through the length on sceen/paper in Inch. In this example:

6000 pixels / 4 Inches = 1500 pixels per inch.

The included meta data don’t matter. Your image gets the “per inch” in that moment when it is displayed or printed. If you display the image on a different monitor or set a different printing resolution it will appear larger or smaller no matter what the meta data claim because the stored ppi/dpi in the image is only a SUGGESTION. It is not the size of the image itself because it has no size. It has only Pixels. :eyes:

@ the devs:
Please do NOT store meta data with an image that do not refer to the image itself. So many people are confused about it. As said: You could store the weather outside during saving the image and the next one opening the image will complain that it is raining even though in the image there is saved an info called “sunshine”. And then they will say: Hey, Topaz! You stored wrong weather infos with the image! Whenever I open the image the weather outside does not match the meta data stored. Fix that !" :neutral_face: