FFMPEG Unknown Error Using Gaia Model since TVAI 3.1.2

Since TVAI 3.1.2, both preview and export activities using the Gaia High Quality model fail after loading the model and before any frames are processed. When clicking the red X for additional information, there is no ffmpeg error logged. All other models process without issue.

I’ve tried flushing the AI model folder as well as done a complete uninstall/reinstall, but the issue persists.

Any ideas?

After troubleshooting and working with support, it seems like there might be a conflict specifically with Gaia and the H265 NVIDIA encoders on my system (running GTX 1650Ti). The issue appears to be Gaia specific, as other models including Artemis and Proteus have no issues with the H265 NVIDIA encoders at all.

I have an RTX 3080ti and I noticed even in Proteus, H265/4 NVIDIA encoders slow it down. I didn’t try Gaia, but I know it uses more of the GPU, so I imagine it would strain things more.

Just for the record. I’m experiencing exactly the same issue (only Gaia, only GPU, unknown error before actual processing) but with TVAI 3.1.5, GTX 1080 and H264.

I found a workaround using the ffmpeg command line to utilize Gaia for now with my card. Might be worth trying for yourself.

  1. Launch TVAI, open the video you want to upscale with settings you want to use (using Gaia and an Nvidia encoder)
  2. Click on the Process menu, then select Show Export Command
  3. Copy the export command and then close the Export Command window
  4. Open Notepad (or another text editor) on your computer and paste the export command into the editor
  5. Look for the ffmpeg commnd line argument that starts with “-filter_complex”
  6. In the -filter_complex argument value (Starting with tvai_up=), look for and delete the text block that looks like “device=0:”. Note: You need to delete the trailing ‘:’ character as well.
  7. Go back to TVAI, and then click Process menu > Open Command Prompt
  8. Go to your text editor and copy the updated ffmpeg command that you editd
  9. Paste the updated ffmpeg command into the newly-opened Command Prompt window and hit Enter to launch the process

In my case, removing the “device=0” option from the filter_complex argument fixed the issue with Gaia and the video still processes via the GPU since specifying an Nvidia encoder (the -c:v argument) seems to send the processing to the Nvidia GPU.

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Tyvm, I might try that. Unfortunately my attempts to upscaling with Gaia didn’t yield any good results so I gave up on that.

I’ve just started using TVAI a week ago and didn’t even know you can enter ffmpeg commands. So that’s at least a nice option I’ve learned now :slight_smile:

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