Ffmpeg over cli will crash with some models

Hello found a bug or error over cli with ffmpeg.

When i run 2 instances ffmpeg over cli and use -vf “veai_up=model=ahq-12:scale=2:device=0” will ffmpeg crash not start the upscale and exit.

Have seen this up to now with prob-2, ahq-12 with scale 2 when i run it with prob-3 or ahq-11 then it works just fine.

Hope you can fix this.

My cpu: Intel 12900k gpu: nvidia rtx 4090

I’m running two instances with that same model right now but with scale=2.25.
instead of -vf I have -filter_complex, I also have vram=1:instances=1 but I’m not sure how much that matters.
I guess my hardware a little different. Ryzen R9 5900X and RTX 3080ti.