Feedback on Sharpen AI

Bug report:

Under Windows 10: when “Automatically update preview” is OFF, toggling between Original and sharpened image gets stuck on Original after 2 or 3 toggles. This is 100% repeatable on my system.


This app needs a way to cancel operations. When it opens under Photoshop, it may or may not be opening with the sharpening parameters I want – and if not, I must wait many seconds until I can change them.

Please raise a support ticket from the Need help? link above. Choose Studio and then raise a Support ticket and under Studio choose the Sharpen AI standalone.

I added this issue to the issue list, it will be addressed in a future release.


I’m currently working on correcting this issue. How were you toggling between the original and sharpened image when this happened? By clicking the image, using the space bar, or using the toggle button on the top of the image? Thanks!

Set Automatically Update Preview to No.

Hi Josh @topazjosh

By accident I found what the issue is:

  • click on the image with your mouse it will show the original and,
  • just keep holding the click until you see Update Preview activate, then
  • release the mouse you are still seeing the original view

But if you click Update Preview it will revert to the processed image without reprocessing. Seems to be a timeout of about 2-3 seconds.

Regards, Don

We think we have a fix in the works and, if you would be so kind, I’d like you to do one quick experiment for me to ensure we’ve tracked down the right issue. Open a small image, something that fits on your monitor at 100% zoom (400x400 or so) and try to reproduce the error. It is important that the entire image fits and cannot be panned.

If you cannot reproduce the issue at all with that small image then I think we’ve got the problem nailed down. If not then we’ll keep looking into your issue and still have another bug fixed.

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Spot on Josh, if an image fits at 100% it is OK, but then if I enlarge it to a Zoom bigger that the display (400%) the issue still happens :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that confirmation. We’ll get the fix out ASAP.

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