Feature wish for AI ReMix filter -> Custom target style images

I really love AI base image remixing. That was one of the main reason I bought the entire Topaz Labs products, along with AI base resize etc. and all the other neat stuff we only dreamed of as “impossible” just a few years ago.

I also do really like what I can do with the AI ReMix filter in Topaz Studio 2, however, it is sometimes really meticulous to recreate a certain style and I wonder if there is no better approach in sight?

When I take a look e.g. at https://deepart.io/ website, I can upload my source image and a target “style” image and the AI behind will recreate the original source image to match the look of the style image. That works sometimes impressively well. It is very similar to the AI ReMix filter, however, it is way easier and straightforward to use, regardless that we don’t have any knobs to control it. I mostly get my ideas easier done there than with AI ReMix, because I simply can’t find the style I want in AI ReMix and rebuilding one can be difficult to impossible.

I wonder if we could not simply import target style images into AI ReMix to do the very same in a convenient way on our own computers?

Or have I missed something here?

Imagine you import your photo and a target style image and the AI behind AI ReMix will recreate your photo in the target style, but still giving you all the control it currently has. How cool would that be?

I would love that feature too! Coming from deepdreamgenerator and bought Topaz Studio 2 because of all the features like masking and stacking of filters but it would be a huge game changer if you could upload your own styles. Will this be possible?