Feature Suggestions Photo AI & Video AI

To whom this may concern,

I would like to suggest two features that would be great to include in a future update to both Photo AI and Video AI.

Photo AI:
The ability to upres images better with heavy textures (from graphic design projects) without smoothing them. Also the ability to work with text or more less fine text, without destroying it.

Video AI:
The ability to export an animated GIF. Presently you can import an animated GIF. But you can’t export back out.


With respect to the CLI Batch tool could I suggest an additional parameter / function.

–archive, -a: Archive the processed Source file into another location.

Having had issues with the CLI batch process in that it is hanging and then trying to work out which files have been processed or not, with an archive feature the process files would be relocated to another folder or path leaving just unprocessed files within the original source location.

This would be extremely useful when working with very large datasets (collections of image files) should an issue arise and processing halts, currently if recursion is used it is a nightmare to unpick and marry up where the processing has got to along with having to reselect the sources files to continue and start the process again.
I have written a small application to recursively check files from a source and check to see if they are present in the processed folders, if they are I then move the original source file to the archive structure, this workflow is cumbersome (it works, but not the most efficient), having this built in would be a benefit.


I am using a simple single level folder example which has the following path structure

Source location C:\Images
Output location: C:\Images\Processed
Archive location: C:\Images\Archived

TPAI.EXE “C:\Images” -o “C:\Images\Processed” -a “C:\Images\Archived” --overwrite -q 90

Before processing
C:\Images\Processed (no files)
C:\Images\Archived (no files)

After Processing
C:\Images (no file)
C:\Images\Processed\a.jpg (upscaled etc.)
C:\Images\Processed\b.jpg (upscaled etc.)
C:\Images\Processed\c.jpg (upscaled etc.)
C:\Images\Archived\a.jpg (original source file)
C:\Images\Archived\b.jpg (original source file)
C:\Images\Archived\c.jpg (original source file)

Obviously if recursion is used check that the destination and/or archive and not included within the recursion collection of source files.

Hope this makes sense

many thanks

We have plans to upgrade the Text handling in Topaz Photo AI in future updates :slight_smile:

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: