Feature Requests for Gigapixel AI: Enhancing Upscaling Capabilities

Dear Gigapixel AI Development Team,

As a satisfied user of Gigapixel AI, I would like to propose several features for your consideration in future updates. These suggestions aim to enhance the software’s functionality and user experience.

Feature Requests:

  1. Resize to Longest Side: Implement an option to resize images based on the longest side while maintaining aspect ratio. This would streamline the upscaling process and offer greater control over output dimensions.

  2. Grain Control: Introduce a feature to manage grain levels during upscaling. This would allow users to fine-tune the level of detail and achieve a more natural or artistic look, especially when upscaling older or lower-resolution images.

  3. Second Pass Upscaling: Add an option for a second pass upscaling process with a focus on recovering fine details. This could further enhance the sharpness and fidelity of upscaled images, particularly in complex textures and patterns.

  4. Adobe After Effects Integration: Develop a dedicated plugin or wrapper for seamless integration with Adobe After Effects. This would allow users to incorporate Gigapixel AI’s upscaling capabilities directly into their video editing workflow, opening up new creative possibilities.

  5. Enhanced Batch Processing: Improve batch processing capabilities by allowing users to define the maximum number of simultaneous processes. This would significantly reduce processing time for large batches of images.

  6. Updated High-Compression Model: Introduce a new or updated AI model specifically trained for upscaling highly compressed images. This would address the unique challenges posed by compression artifacts and improve the quality of upscaled images from such sources.

Thank you for considering these suggestions. I believe their implementation would significantly enhance the power and versatility of Gigapixel AI, making it an even more valuable tool for photographers, designers, and anyone working with digital imagery.