Feature Request: RF Control for Constant Quality (Variable Bitrate) Encoding

Would you please consider giving back the RF setting control for H.264 and H.265 encoding with constant quality? With the current “low/medium/high” construct, I’m either winding up with enormous “compressed” output or output with inadequate quality, depending on which I choose. I knew what to expect with a particular RF setting in H.264/H.265. Since the RF setting was taken away, my workflow now consists of sticking with lossless output (FFV1) in TVAI, which I then have to feed to an external software for H.264/H.265 encoding. I’d prefer not to have the extra step. Thanks!

You can edit the “video-encoders.json” in models folder and adjust the “cqpValues” yourself.

Thanks. That’s good to know, even if not convenient.