Feature request - ⏸️Pause, ⏭️ Skip to next

Hello Team!
I think it’s time to make the pause and skip functions. Processing a folder with many files takes many days, even on a powerful computer. Sometimes you want to give your computer a break. The pause or switch to another video feature would have helped us immensely!

Have a look at the proposal design.


the 2.6.4 software is an abandonned project. there will be no more update after this one. we’re actually testing the developpement of a 3.0 version which is totally different than the 2.6.x branch. totally completly new software. your requests are on the to do list of the developpers, so at some point in the developpement, and certainly for the official release version, it will be there !
(from what dev told, it will not only a pause feature, it will be a resume one even after turning off the software ! so possible to resume the processing after several days of no use, same when the software will crash).

… and it should also function after the PC was turned off and restartet.