Feature request: NotchLC capabilities

We work in Virtual Production on LED walls and usually display very high resolution videos in HFR (8K, 50fps, 10bits, HDR).
To allow the computers to display those kind of videos in a fluid and painless way, we use a very new GPU-based format called NotchLC (see https://notchlc.notch.one/).

Many companies working in similar fields (like video mapping etc) are also switching from the old HAP format to NotchLC to display those massive resolutions and framerate.

Would you consider making a NotchLC output directly from VEAI?
That would MASSIVELY reduce our post-production time and divide by 2 the disk space we need : We sadly eat tons and tons of TB to enter VEAI in Prores4444, exit in Prores422HQ (can’t wait for the ProRes4444 output feature!) and then convert that 422HQ to Notch LC (which is about 20% bigger than Prores4444).
Entering in Prores4444 (through a watch folder?) and directly exiting in NotchLC would be an absolute blast, since time savings, quality and disk space saving would be vastly increased!

Many thanks!