Feature Request: multithreading and linux cli


Referring to https://community.topazlabs.com/t/how-to-parallelize-batch-processing-of-photos/54821

These two features would be nice to have;

  • Built-in cli function to handle multithreads
  • Linux cli binary
  • cli arguments to control autopilot function, e.g. turn on and off and maybe load different presets

Multithreading is obvious, but linux binary cli would mean I could rent a cloud computer at e.g. runpod.io and spend two dollars for 5 minutes with an 48 GB VRAM 188 GB RAM 14 vCPU RTX 6000 and be done with it. That would also benefit fom multithread possibility.

Unless I am missing something I also have to open the topaz mac os .app, turn on autopilot, run the cli, then open topaz.app and turn off autopilot before loading any images. I use very large files and i load many at a time, so having autopilot on makes it unusable.

Does this even have a linux version?

no, but I think that making a cli only would not be as hard as making a full gui application. it looks like its just algorhitms and llm api thats being done. ofc I dont know, but it would be nice to be able to send a batch of photos to a cloud gpu for processing from a preset, and downloading them back for detail work. topaz photo is definetively using custom trained ai models so i dont see why this couldnt be done? hope to get an answer to this :slight_smile: