Feature Request - Match Input/output FPS

Troubleshooting Process:
I was wondering why my videos took so long to export. For months I thought it was bc Topaz was slow.
Then I did some troubleshooting and realized that Topaz would automatically adjust the FPS from 30 to 29.97 or 24 to 23.976.

So it would unnecessarily run Frame interpolation.

Feature Request or question:
Could there please be a configuration option that makes match all output FPS match input original frame rate? That would improve user satisfaction by saving customers tons of processing power and time especially if they have a lot of videos.

@NerdyPhotos I don’t think this is the case. Atleast in my case Topaz video didn’t change my FPS from either 30 to 29.97 or from 24 to 23.976, unless I specified it in output FPS.

Have you tried ensuring that Output frame rate is set correctly, also can check if Frame Interpolation is explicitely turned off.
In my case it always defaulted to the input (or original video frame rate) in output frame rate unless I have manually changed it.
Also, I have been using Topaz Video since version 1 and haven’t seen this happen to me so far

I found out the reason why - @FlyingOfficer
So if you have saved a preset with a specific FPS - It will use the saved FPS, not the original FPS.


  1. preset saved = 29.97 FPS
  2. Original input file = 30 fps
  3. Output file = 29.97FPS - thus frame interpolation processing happens.

Solution: Make sure you are careful of your saved preset FPS and save the correct FPS value.

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