Feature Request - Load Mask from file

With the new Google Camera app available for any Android phone and the latest Apple camera since the iPhone 6, when taking a picture in portrait mode the phone saves two pictures, one normal and one with the Bokeh effect. Using the web site “http://depthy.me/#/” or a small, free program called StereoPhoto Maker from “http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr/” it is possible to extract a very good quality depth map from your pictures.

I am a total Topaz fan and use Topaz Labs for all my editing. I would like to be able to load a mask from file, for all my adjustments and plugins. I can do so in Affinity Photo but the workflow is not very intuitive. I have used depth maps for all types of adjustments such as HSL, Impressions, & basic adjustments.

I feel this would give a lot of power to the Topaz Suit. The ability to load a mask from file would also permit the use of bump maps and other types of maps.

Best regards,
John Nicholson.

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Yes, very exciting, just started experimenting with this. Would be nice with this feature.