Feature Request: Instance already Open

I tend to use Topaz Studio from Lightroom. I find it annoying that when Topaz Studio is already open I am prompted with an “Application is already running ! Can’t start more than one instance.” dialog.
Can you please open the image in the existing instance?
This would save a lot of time in my workflow, as I won’t have to spin up a new instance of Topaz Studio for each image I wish to edit.
It would also mean not having to click “Save” and then “Close” in Studio after editing every image. (Why not a “Save and Close” button to save that extra click/annoyance?)
Sometimes it’s the little things that create the most frustration.
Cheers, Michael.

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I, too, use Studio from Lightroom but I do not get the event you are describing here. For me it works as it should. I’m guessing this is a bug.

Perhaps you should raise a report and draw Topaz’s attention to it, if you haven’t already done so. Must be really annoying for you.

I’m guessing you’re on a Mac. On Windows it works as Michael describes.