Feature Request for Topaz Studio

Now that TS2 and most of the AI plugins are running in Affinity Photo, I am using Studio2 regularly in my photography workflow. Some things I would like to see in the next upgrade of Studio:

  1. Improvement of the Text filter. Adding, dragging and resizing text currently appears on the screen as a ragged, distracting motion. The process should be smooth and fluid. Adding a shadow filter would be great also.

  2. Make it possible to easily revise settings in previously added filters.

  3. Add ability to use the old Topaz plugins in Studio, specifically those that have not yet been adapted as a filter in Studio – Star Effects, ReStyle, B&W Effects.

My comments based on experience with macOS Catalina version 10.15.4, not Windows.

Re #3: I agree, and in the interim, this is my workaround: I still have Studio (version 1; not Studio 2 v 1), so I opened that with a dummy image. Then, to save (for example), the Topaz-supplied presets of Glow: Neon, I applied then to the image, and saved that as a Favorite. I did this for many of the Glow presets (even some the Community had contributed), and many of the Impressions presets. Then is exited Studio without saving that image.
Then in Studio 2 (opening next image I happened to be working on), I used the Migrate tool to move all the Favorites over from TS1 to TS2, and it did import them!

HOWEVER, now I request this feature in TS2: The ability to make our own grouping of ‘Looks,’ since I now have hundreds, and I’d like to organize them better (some are more suitable to ‘painting’ looks, some to ‘glowing’, some to ‘very weird,’ some subtle)!

[Working on a pc in Windows 10. Using Topaz products with Lightroom Classic CC as host usually, but also from PS CC.]

I discovered the old Star Effects is now available in the Flare filter, and there’s much better – and easier – control of adjustments. Thanks, Topaz, for that!

But the Black and White filter in Studio 2 is missing all of those great presets of Black and White Effects and the organic-look borders that could be generated there.

I just downloaded a trial version of Topaz Studio and was SO disappointed in the version of Impressions available there! I realize that some of the effects are elsewhere in Studio but my favorite ones are gone! If you could put the old version of Impressions 2 into Studio, at least as a plug in, I would be very very thankful. I’ve been depending on that program for the work I do. Some of those filters have become my signature style.

The migrate tool is not in TS2 any more. I wish it were

I would like the function that I can transfer photos from Lightroom directly to a Topaz application, without tiff, as an intermediate step.

That seems to work, DXO did it with PureRAW 2 too. Thanks