Feature Request for multiple output files


I use 2-3 instances of VEAI and process 4k to 8k videos that have around 150k frames per project.

Now every once in a while I have a problem and because I dont want to lose days of upscaling I processs several output files like splitting the project into ouputs of 10k frames each. Note that for several reasons I use output format prores and wont use images anymore.

Now what I would like to have is either 1: Having an option that automatically does several X frames output for one file or

the ability to save a project with multiple files and output settings so I can load and change the frames on second instance.

right now in worst case when VEAI crashes the auto save is also gone and I have to import the video like 15 times on three instances and edit every frames+output path+name and if it crashes I have to do it again