Feature Request: Custom Crop Selection ability for videos - the current automatic crop doesn't work for everything

It would be nice if we can custom crop videos to our liking. Some videos don’t crop correctly when automatically cropped.

Like some videos have bars on the sides and the current crop can end up cutting off parts of the video you don’t want cut off.

I have noticed VEAI crops vertical bars symmetrically. Like I create an AviSynth script where I crop 132 from thee top, and 148 from the bottom. Yet VEAI insists on knowing better, and centers the vid vertically – in the wrog way, that is; aka, it leaves a small black bar at the top and takes too much off the bottom. That’s no good.

Please, respect at least my AVS crop when VEAI doesn’t offer custom cropping itself.

We. Need. A. Cropping. Function.
How can this not be available?
Sharpening and vastly enlarging a video is used by some Topaz customers to isolate - and ideally, to extract - specific details.
Not everyone wants to keep the entire VEAI frame and then dive into yet another Adobe Premier or Final Cut session just to perform a crop. Terribly inefficient way to spend my time.
Please provide this.