Feature Request: Allow "Zoom to Fit" to be set as default when opening images in plug-ins

I think the user should be able to set the default zoom level when opening an image - it currently defaults to 100%, and I can’t see a way to change this. A 100% view is useful for evaluating the level of denoising or sharpening, but I would like to start out looking at the whole image, which is helpful if I need to decide on masking, or if I just want a global view of things before I zoom in for closer inspection. As it is, I basically have to start every instance of Topaz by zooming out, which of course is a simple click or keyboard shortcut, but these things add up. I realize a lot of people might prefer to start out at the 100% view, which is maybe why this is the default behavior, but I think ideally this should be customizable for the best user experience.

Hi I believe the reason for the 100% preview is so Photo AI has fewer pixels to work with, this equates to faster processing times

Therefore, If you have the preview set for, fit to screen Photo AI has to calculate the whole image which takes a longer amount of time to process and you probably zoom in anyway

Hope this answers your question

The processing may take marginally longer, but that’s why the default should be able to be set to the user’s preference. We all have different workflows and ways of analyzing our images. For me, I find it very disorienting to begin the session already zoomed in. What if I want to zoom in to a point of interest that is not dead-center? Sure, it’s easy enough to move the box around, but these are all little extra steps that add up when you’re working with dozens of images.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about Photo AI specifically, although I suppose the UI is the same (I mostly just use DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI as Lightroom plug-ins).

I agree with Mike. I would prefer to be able to set the default Zoom level as well. Thanks!

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Yes, please this is very frustrating, I immediately set it to zoom to fit every single time. A default option here would be fantastic.

Incredibly frustrating.
I see no benefit in user experience in the current 100% zoom. For NO ONE this opens in the exact spot he wants to work on, so everyone resets the view and the processing begins all over again. Everytime. Again and again. What a waste of time and ressources.


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