[FEATURE ADDED] Clarity And Impression In Studio missing subcategories

In the original plugin versions the presets were grouped into various categories. In Studio, though, they are just listed in no particular order so it’s next to impossible to find anything quickly. This is particularly annoying with Impression.

Am I missing a way of grouping presets together so I can see them in categories like Painting, Ancient, Impressionist etc? All I’ve found for the Clariy and Impression options so far is the grid view but that doesn’t solve the lack of categories.

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I agree with you. At least all presets should be in alphabetical order - not only for impression.
BTW if you know the name of the preset you can type in the search box, e.g. if you type ‘Edward’ you will be shown the two Edward Hopper presets. Same for ‘impasto’ or ‘Da Vinci’ etc.

I know the names of some Impression/Clarity presets so can do a search for them but I feel really sorry for anyone who never owned the original plugins.

What I’d really love to see is an option to disable thumbnails so we can just have a ‘text menu’. Some of the older plugins have popup previews but there’s an option to disable them. This leaves a menu with a list of categories - click on the name of a list and it opens up to a list of preset names. If we want to see what a preset does we just click on it and it shows the result on the actual photo we’re working on.

I find thumbnails bearable in the Impression/Texture Effects plugins because the presets are divided into categories. Even so, I would have preferred the option to have a text only menu to save endless scrolling down the lists.

I fully agree with you both… is there anyway to only show the favorites?
interface in version 2.0.3 was better… I was really thinking many presets were missing !!!

We’ll be adding improved sorting and organization options in future updates!

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Thanks Joe, I can see that the situation has improved now… and looking at the long list of presets in studio I can understand the logistics problem in sorting out all of them.

But still I have anxiety trying to find some of the presets in impression 2.0.3, could it be possible that my memory is failing me (that’s sure because I cannot remember the name of the preset I am looking for) or could it be that some presets are gone?
Do You have a list in your database of presets (including community ones) in the different versions?


Providing a list of all presets in Community is… not easy. I don’t think we’ll be able to do that at the moment, and that list constantly changes (adds/removes/edits).

We’ve already added the subcategories that were present in Impression 2, so you should be able to easily compare your machine’s Impression in Studio and Impression 2 preset lists, by subcategory.

I’ll be closing this thread, because we’ve added the feature requested here.